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The device has a choice of two sensors for compact cars and four sensors for larger cars, fitted onto the rear bumper. The system will be activated when the reverse gear is engaged, indicated by a single beep. The progressive beeping tones will alert the driver of any presence of objects and the distance behind the vehicle. For system with LED display, there will be visual and audible alerts with the buzzer built into the LED display. Upon approaching the 30cm from the object, the buzzer will emit a continuous beep alerting the driver to stop.

Benefit & Advantages

  1. Paint-able sensor surface area which can match with any car bumper color.
  2. Specially designed sensor enables mounting on low bumpers or bumpers with axis to ground.
  3. Self-diagnostics at every start-up.
  4. Last zone extend option for zoning selection for vehicles with rear spare tire, trailer tow bar or bicycle rack.





Supply voltage

DC 10V to 25V
Max. power consumption 0.5W
Max. current consumption 20mA (Buzzer), 200mA (LED Display)
Operating temperature -30°C to 80°C

Storage temperature

-40°C to 80°C
Operating humidity Up to 95%
Transmitting frequency 40kHz
Buzzer frequency 1kHz
Buzzer sound level 80db at 10cm
System response time 0.12sec
Estimated Installation Time Under 45 minutes for 4 sensors


Why Choose Us?


Description Our Systems Conventional Systems
Sensing Technology Asymmetric Symmetric
Sensor Length 16mm Usually 25mm
Sensor Diameter 19mm Usually 22mm & above
Sensor Connector Yes No
Self-Diagnostic Yes No
Buzzer Adjustable volume Mono
Detection (Front) Up to 3 feet with speed cut-off Usually replace with rear sensor system
Detection (Rear) 5.5 feet 4 feet
Blanking Option (Rear) Yes No
Warranty Period 3 years or 100,000km Usually 1 year
Parts Availability 3 years after last vehicle Unknown
Product Homologation TUV, FCC, CE, e1, e11, EMC, EMI Unknown
Product Development In-house R&D Unknown