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FELIO offers users a new and healthy driving

lifestyle to “Create Healthy Driving” as every breath matters in our over polluted environment.

Eco-Anions Air Purifier is a product uniquely designed for use in all types of vehicles most ideal for smokers and pet owners. It features a PM2.5 sensor to ensure the highest air quality by continuously producing the maximum efforts of Eco-Anions with our patented Anti-Static technology to protect from static electricity.

Eco-Anions Air Purifier is able to clean indoor air efficiently by producing hundreds of millions Eco-Anions to absorb dust that are lesser than PM 0.1, restrain majority of airborne germs and viruses, and decompose harmful chemicals such as TVOC, Formaldehyde, Benzene, and Ammonia.

Eco-Anions Air Purifier truly redefines healthy breathing inside the vehicle for the driver and occupants. 



FELIO Eco-Anions

Purification Style

Pure and high level of eco-anions decompose airborne PM 2.5 , chemicals, and germs

Anion concentration 

(5 cm)

Actual Test: 63 Million / cm³

Anion concentration 

(1 m)

Actual Test: 9,000 / cm³


Airflow noise-free

PM2.5 Detection function

Air Quality Indicator

Filter Change


Technical Authority Test Results*


HCHO, TOL, TVOC Decompositon Test Result:

Decompose rate of HCHO 84.87


Decompose rate of TOL 78.75


Decompose rate of TVOC  75.78

Anion Level of Concentration Test Result: 

63 Million PCS / cm³ 

PM 2.5 Absorbing Test Result: 

Removal rate of 88.52

Airborne Germs Restrain Test Result:

Restrain rate of H3N2  70.32%


Restrain rate of Staphylococcus Albus 72.21%