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Changing lanes can be a stressful experience, especially if everyone else is going a lot faster. It isn’t helped by the existence of vehicle blind spots – an area around the vehicle not visible to drivers.

This is where Felio’s sophisticated Blind Spot Detection (BSD) System comes into the picture; a powerful system made to eliminate driving fear, risks, and ultimately stress.

Swift and precise lateral detection of rapidly approaching vehicles from behind is provided by two mid-range Radar Sensors, both of which are designed to be concealed in the rear bumper with their light-weight and compact design.

Designed for effortless and CANBUS Error-free OEM and aftermarket integration, it is a very cost-effective and highly desirable system.

Felio’s Blind Spot Detection (BSD System is the Lane Change Assist feature. Active monitoring allows the system to provide quick detection of fast approaching vehicles from behind. The driver is alerted to the hazard by the BSD’s LED Warning Icon.

Felio’s BSD System also offers the Rear Cross Traffic Alert feature. When the vehicle is in reverse, objects approaching the vehicle are detected by the BSD System.




Operating Voltage

9 VDC to 18.0 VDC

Working/Idle  Current Consumption

< 80 mA

Radar Sensor

24 GHz

Radar Sensor Weight (Per  pc)


Buzzer Sound Level

80 dB to dB

GPS Speed Cut-off

(* Optional)

  1. < 24 km/h
  2. < 32 km/h
  3. < 40 km/h
  4. < 48km/h

Environment Characteristics:

Operating Temperature

-20 oC to 65 oC

Storage Temperature

-30 oC to 75 oC

Part Specifications:


Polycarbonate Casing

Microwaves Sensors

Polycarbonate Cover with Alloy Base

Power & Signal Harness

  • 6 Wires (Accessory Power +12V; Ground Wire; Left Turn Signal Wire; Right Turn Signal Wire; Reverse Light Wire; GPS Wire)
  • T-Harness for easy installation 

Microwave Sensors Maximum Detection Range


0.3 meters to 20 meters

Passenger Cars

0.3 meters to 20 meters


0.3 meters to 20 meters


0.3 meters to 10 meters