Transitions In UX Design


Separable Two Floor Mats : When driver steps foot into the car mat, dust and dirt falls thru the hole patterns of upper mat, this keeps the Car mat always clean. The dusts and dirt are trapped by the holes of bottom mat the prevents the dusts and dirt to be air borne when A/C or heater is operated or any movements from the vehicle. This will prevent the air inside the vehicle from being polluted.


Product Advantage

Medical EVA Material : Soft & comfortable by using medical EVA materials for excellent deodorant properties and no harmful heath effects to human and no smells by itself, thus even feels fresh when mat is wet or on rainy days

EPDM Addition: Prevents slippery, toughened for durability and always new look by adding EPDM

Antibacterial Material (Bactecide-N): Prevents bacteria multiplying by mixing Bactecide-N during the forming process. Bactecide-N keeps driver and passengers from musty, respiratory diseases,  endocrine-disrupting chemicals from interior vehicle materials.

Vehicle Customized Production: Can be customized to fit every vehicle like original to obtain the high end quality look


  • Extremely light weight for easy handling
  • Can be cleaned with water and easily dried


* EVA : Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

* EPDM: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer