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36% of passenger cars and about 40% of light trucks had at least one tire that was at least 20% below the correct pressure.
26% of passenger cars and 29% of light trucks had at least one tire that was at least 25% below the correct pressure.
When asked 85% of car drivers didn't even know the correct tire pressure for their vehicles.
Every year thousands of fatal accidents occur and are caused by premature failure of tires that are not correctly inflated.
In today's cars, we have displays, gauges and warnings for nearly every vital component. We monitor fuel, oil pressure, engine temperature, etc, warning sounds if our seatbelt is not fastened or a door not properly closed. However the most vital component is neglected, the one which is actually carrying and supporting us on the road, our Tires.


Our TPMS is a sophisticated sensing device designed and engineered to measure and display real time tires operation. It alerts the driver instantly of any tire pressure or temperature irregularities whether the vehicle is in motion or stationary.

Your tires, each with a contact patch on the road of about the size of a large footprint, have to provide the entire grip for steering, braking, accelerations and improve comfort whilst carrying the weight of the vehicle. Correct tire pressure is essential for keeping tires in good condition, to provide optimum performance and give maximum life. It's the air pressure that keeps tires fit and safe and carries the weight of the vehicle and its load, not the rubber or the casing material. Correct tire pressures are vital for safe handling and optimum steering, braking, and grip.

Display / Receiver



  • Clear icons identification
  • Instant tire info on demand
  • Backlit LCD screen with timer
  • Selectable alerts
  • Selectable mode
  • Simultaneous display of information


  • User friendly
  • Quick check on tires
  • Pleasant night viewing
  • For different driving conditions
  • Suits individual preferences
  • Hands-free activation for maximum safety


Sensor / Transmitter



  • Weighs only 30 grams
  • 7 years and above battery life
  • Unique ID code for each sensor
  • Pressure accuracy ±1.5 Psi
  • Operating temperature -40°C to 125°C
  • Helical transmission technology
  • Alerts for under and over inflation
  • Reset-able sensors
  • Spare tire monitoring (optional)


  • Will not affect tire balancing
  • Long service life
  • Prevents receiving of cross signals
  • Able to detect slightest pressure loss
  • Durability and reliability in any climate
  • Fast and precise signals
  • Longer tire life & improved fuel economy
  • Convenience during replacement of tires
  • Convenient monitoring and peace of mind



Technical Description

Pressure Sensor Transmitter

Display Monitor Receiver


30 grams

93 grams

Size (Dimensions)

71 x 36 x 21mm

125 x 33 x 18 mm


433.92 MHz Transmitting

433.92 MHz Receiving

Battery Life / power

7 years and above

9-15V from car

Current Consumption


18mA (nominal) 130mA (max)

Operating Temperature

-40° to 125°C


Monitored Pressure Range

0 ~ 73 Psi (Accuracy ± 1.5 Psi)


Monitored Temperature range

-40° ~ 125°C (Accuracy ± 5°C