Analysis of the biggest trend of luxury replica watches in Basel Watch & Clock Fair

What kind of luxury replica watch will we wear on our wrists this year? As the preferred destination for the fake watch industry, Basel Watch Shows every year what they have been repairing in the Geneva factory for the past 12 months, and what you will wear on your wrist for the next 12 months. Here are the main trends in Basel:

Smart replica watches occupy the center stage

The replica watch that is most concerned about in the world of Basel is not there. Perhaps wary of the mistakes of the quartz crisis, even the most traditional watch brands will react to Apple's smart Rolex replica in some way. Most notably, Breitling has launched its application-controlled B55 pilot replica watch, which records flight hours and automatically corrects it as it travels through the time zone, while Mondaine goes one step further, using step and sleep tracking Helvetica mode. Great for smart watch features and traditional look.

The rise of China as a luxury watch market means that more and more luxury replica watch brands use gem-set high-end models to increase prices and profit margins. Diamond expert Graf has been working here for many years, but now the more typical Rolex brand is embracing the bling, showing a jewel-striped Cellini and Oyster Perpetual Datejust Pearlmasters, with diamonds visible from the dial to the bracelet.

Rubber strap

After NATO and Milan quartz replica watches, rubber is a tireless effort to keep the latest trends in luxury replica watches. Surprisingly, the replica Rolex watch was first introduced in its own version - Oysterflex - even though the brand claims to be full of titanium alloy elastomers, the metal-strength rubber flexibility is fake rolex actually a "technical bracelet." Rubber gets rid of the limitations of usual diving, driving and driving from Breitling to TAG Heuer replica watches with sporty air. If you can't afford to add to your collection, changing your harness is a more affordable way to update your replica watch.

Especially popular for all precious metals - rose gold, whether it is a solid residential mechanical movement or a PVD coating on a quartz replica watch - several fake watch brands have introduced a harder, lighter or more attractive composite than standard steel. Material replica watches, and gold. Ceramic expert Rado has demonstrated a new model in its ultra-durable plasma, which has the advantages of ceramic appearance and steel. Breitling combines its Galactic Unitime SleekT with a bezel made of tungsten carbide, which is five times harder than steel. This means you don't have to slow down every time you touch it on the door handle.

The rise of entry-level luxury replica watch brands like Tudor and the value of the Swiss franc are unaffected, meaning that it is much easier to start watching replica watches. Yes, there are a lot of stupid price tags on the Basel replica watch Fair, from Girard-Perregaux's £300,000 + three-question form to Hublot's Ferrari, but Longines, Louis Vuitton, and even Rolex have all released innovative Works, £5,000 mark.

The most impressive thing about replica TAG Heuer is that TAG Heuer has announced the launch of a built-in tourbillon of over £10,000. Not a change of change, but a complex feature that is impressive, and it is often difficult to find a price below the new Lotus Elise.

High quality replica watches

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